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Birth Date: 1940-01-15Death Date: 2017-09-07
Funeral Date: 2017-09-10
Biography : FARMER Gloria May “Angel” Farmer, 77, Of Columbus; Died Thursday, September 7, 2017 In Mt. Carmel Medical Center, Columbus. Born January 15, 1940 In Sophia, WV; She Was A Daughter Of Dora May And Princie A. Cox, Sr. Survivors Include Her Children Stephen Eugene Farmer (Jay Cloud) And Katherine Lynn Crawford; Grandchildren Victoria Lynn Farmer (Justin), Shannon Lee (Don) Evans And Christopher Eugene Crawford; Great Grandchildren Christian And Brittany Evans And Great-great Grandson Jayce; Siblings Helen June Brooks, Clarice Bailey, Tressie (Terry Taylor) Hastings, Jack (Dixie) Cox, Donald (Susan) Cox And Gary (Karen) Cox; Sister In Law Bertha Cox, Brother In Law Jim Farmer, Many Nieces And Nephews And Life-long Friend Lillia....Read more

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~ Private Comments for the Family ~

Grandma is responsable for everything i am today..she is the only person who was invited to my and dons wedding! Grandma sang round after round of "going to the chapel and there gonna gt marryied"..she was so happy for us that she smiled from ear to ear. Grandma took me and don in at our lowesr point and made us who we are and is the reason we have what we have. She tault us about wotking hard and doing right and how you get what you give. She helped us get on our feet and gave us lession after lession. Grandma always treated all her kids and grandkids and so on like they were all her kids and responsablity. We have our own house and our family becase of the faith and her beliveing in us as a family. Grandma was always the biggest cheet leader any of us had and she celabrated every step we made in the right direction!Grandma helped mom get into the great place shes in now being more dependant and stable and she always worryed about her but i always told her and mom that i would make sure she is ok..grandma tault us to count on each other and that you always get what you give. My whole family are better people just ny knowing her. I hope to carry on her traditions and to stay close to my brothers and sisters because grandmas relashoship with her brothers and sisters over the years showed my family that enjoying the time you het with each other and seeing how they are there for one another is. My grandma and her relashonship with her sibblings is what all sibblings should strive for. Grandma was such a blessing to everyone she came in contact with so its essy to say how huge of a huge loss this is. It comforts me to know that my grandmpa was probly waiting on the other side for her..her worm man and love of her life (she missed him so we all do). Her other sibblings that have gone before her where there too. One day i pray i will mee her agian. I hope to make her proud in every asect of my life...i just hope to apply the many lessons she tault me to my everydsy life and pass the knowlage on to my kids and grsndkids ..along with tradition and our belifes so thst she lives on threw me and my family. She truly was amazing and so far i havent met anyone who came as close to having such a pure good hesrt as her. I only pray i make her as proud and am as loved as she was.
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